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달래주고 싶어도 지쳐 표정이 어두워 웃게 하지 못하고, 울다 지쳐 잠든 널 눕혀
I’m sorry but I just can’t let it slip…..

citrus thunder

citrus thunder



Anonymous asked: "have you ever written a fanfic that's main pairing isn't suchen? (((it's not that i don't like suchen....i ship them too.... i just got curious hehe >////<)))"

yesss heheheh, loads!!! you can check out my masterlist here ^__^ i used to write a ton of chanbaek back in the day, and there’s a bunch of other pairings too!

Anonymous asked: "Why don't you like dom chen? :// He's not really that submissive you know..."

okay so first off let’s be clear that regardless if i like dom chen or not that this is all just headcanon? nothing’s real???? it shouldn’t really matter because it’s all just a personal preference???????

but okay sure i guess i don’t exactly hide my heavy bias towards dom suho as far as jundae dynamics are concerned but i don’t really see how me liking top/dom suho automatically equates to me disliking dom chen /:

i’m not gonna lie, my suchen preferences are the way they are only because i take issue with sub/bottom suho. why? it doesn’t matter. if i don’t like bottom suho, it’s not gonna stop us from being friends or from me reading fic or anything…. but since you asked, it actually has nothing to do with chen at all. 

again this is a personal preference and i’m not expecting everyone else to ship suchen the way i do. seriously, suchen is suchen either way so if you’re down with that then i’m down with you IDK GUYS LET’S JUST ALL RESPECT EACH OTHER

Are you gonna be okay, $uho?

Jun Pout (=3=)


suchen in Taipei (140712) | [trans]

Goodbye my sanity!

Goodbye my sanity!

summer with Jongdae

Jongdae’s beautiful smooth legs for The Celebrity ಥ‿ಥ

fab jongdae


chen looking gorgeous for the celebrity [x]

regarding fic translations.
i am not taking fic requests at this time!


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