welcome to the night

달래주고 싶어도 지쳐 표정이 어두워 웃게 하지 못하고, 울다 지쳐 잠든 널 눕혀

exo’s first box: suho show us his aegyo 

close enough


kolon sport blog update feat. robo su

thank you roommate" - every dying chanyeol fan 


suho’s cute chinese greeting feat. amused chen

61/ favorite suho moments 

are you sure now, suho

suho fell hard

Track Title: Beautiful

Artist: Suho

Album: The Lost Planet in CHENGDU

Best quality so far.

random socal au headcanon under cut?

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thank you lay for LIFTING UP SUHO’S SHIRT helping suho!
jfc kim joonmyun why?????
suho running - exo 90:2014 preview

360° suho view

360° suho view

regarding fic translations.
i am not taking fic requests at this time!


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