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달래주고 싶어도 지쳐 표정이 어두워 웃게 하지 못하고, 울다 지쳐 잠든 널 눕혀
Anonymous asked: "baeksoo. domestic au? :3"

(cont. from previous ask!)

To Kyungsoo’s surprise, the reception had been surprisingly tame, and Baekhyun still likes to tease him about it even three years later when Kyungsoo’s trying to do their bills on four cups of coffee and too little sleep.

"Baekhyun," he says in a shrill voice from their kitchen table as he runs his fingers through already messy hair. "Can we bring up mortifying stories of the past when we aren’t about to get evicted.”

But Baekhyun just laughs that same infuriating laugh, the one that brings Kyungsoo back to the day when they were about to get married, and quite possible the laugh that made him fall in love, and can’t find it in himself to be stressed.

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